File selector - booster

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1) when you start from the main screen, which acts as a normal file browser.
2) when you start from another application, in this case acts as a file selector that allows the user to select any type and number of files.
It is useful so that other applications can avoid the need to build a utility for selection of images, videos or any other files.
It has the usual functions of a file explorer:
Open, Share, Search, Show Details, Copy, Move, Rename, Zip, Unzip, Sort by, View By, Create new file or folder, etc..
It also allows application management, creating shortcuts to folders and of course the multi-selection.
Note: This version is not designed for tablets, is being used the default compatibility mode. Soon we will create a design for tablets.
Thank you for trusting us.

File Selector - BoosterFile Selector - BoosterFile Selector - BoosterFile Selector - Booster