Amao - in the jungle

Document from the year 2009 in the subject Law - Philosophy, History and Sociology of Law, University of Vienna (Institut für Rechtsphilosophie, Religions- und Kulturrecht), course: What could universities 'learn' from Prof Dr Anton Wilhelm Amo?, language: English, abstract: Who was Anton Wilhelm AMO? What can we learn from him today? What should universities - with respect to so called 'knowledge management', so called 'divergent thinking', and anti-discriminatory measures learn from Amo, Levinas, Latino (De Sesa) et al ? These questions are raised as are questions with respect to rarely ever mentioned texts of KANT, HUME, HEGEL, ROUSSEAU and others, focussing on *anti-semitic, racist, misogyn(ist), uncritical, pseudo-scientific nonsense*, which is hardly ever mentioned in so called 'biographies' about some of these men often presented as ethical 'role models'.

Goat Housing Over Ground
Generally this type of houses are made over the ground. This is the most common house for goats. You can make the floor of this type of goat house with brick and cement or simply with soil. It will be better, if you can spread some dry straw over the floor in this housing system. But you must have to keep the house dry and clean always.

Amao - In The JungleAmao - In The JungleAmao - In The JungleAmao - In The Jungle